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The Top 5 Ways to Hit a Long Fairway Drive

Do you struggle with hitting the long ball? One of the hardest parts of good golf in Jacksonville FL is the ability to strike the ball off the tee and down the fairway to the green. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five ways to hit a long fairway drive. […]

Golf in Jacksonville FL

While there are a lot of contenders aiming for the title of being the golf capital of Florida, Jacksonville has unquestionably attracted the attention of many serious golf lovers. After all, it boasts several of America’s amazing and undiscovered golf courses. Amazing Options There are several amazing options in Jacksonville. For instance, if you go […]

5 Tips to Become a Healthier Golfer

There is a reason why golf has become associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, you only have to think about all of the high speed motorized karts and trolleys on offer to see it. These days, more and more golfers are choosing to forgo a stroll across the greens, in favor of a faster […]

Play to Win: Think Like The Pros

It is often said that 90% of golf is played in the mind. You can pump iron. You can do elaborate stretches. You can spend hours out on a Blue Sky golf course endlessly practicing your backswing. Yet, if you cannot tune out the distractions and get into the zone, as they say, when those […]

On Your Search for “Golf in Jacksonville FL”

If you’re a huge fan of golf as a sport, it is important for you to pick the courses, which should help you improve your skills, equally unwind and speak with fellow passionate golfers. Here are some of the qualities you must look for upon typing in Golf in Jacksonville FL and considering your options: […]

How to Improve Your Chipping Game

For most people – both experts and novices alike – golf is defined by those long sweeping drives and wide armed majestic shots. If you picture Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy out on the green, you picture them sinking it in from a distance and sticking a short iron tight to the pin. The slow […]