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9 Benefits of a Golf Course Wedding

golf course wedding

Every year there are over 1.2 million weddings planned. You've probably been to at least a few of them yourself. 

Now you're preparing to plan your own wedding and want it to be both special and memorable. Yet, planning a wedding can be exhausting. 

Guess what? It can be beautiful and easy too by choosing a golf course wedding for your special day. Read on for 9 reasons a golf course is a perfect place to have your wedding. 

1. Beautiful Scenery

Of course, at any wedding, the bride will be the star of the show. Yet, hosting a golf course wedding gives you the luxury of having beautiful scenery all around you. Golf courses are always meticulously maintained making a perfect backdrop for your big day.

2. All-In-One Location

Another benefit to a golf course event is the option to have the entire wedding right at the golf course. With such gorgeous backdrops, you can host both the ceremony and the reception in one location. This also saves on transportation costs from one venue to another. 

3. Indoor and Outdoor Options

Many couples dream of an outdoor wedding. Yet, there's always the risk of the weather being an issue. Golf course venues offer the option of being both inside and outside over the course of your day. 

4. Catering and Bar Services

Golf course venues are accustomed to hosting large events. They already have the food and bar services in place. That eliminates the need to be running all over, spending countless hours in planning. 

5. Professional Wait Staff

In addition to good food and drinks, you want your guests to be well taken care of during your wedding. Since they already have food service, they also already have the best in wait staff that are accustomed to serving at big events. 

6. Photo Ready

You'll spend a lifetime looking at your wedding photos. The golf course has ready-made scenery to make them extra special. You can even visit the course ahead of time to plan out where you want all the wedding photos that must be a part of your wedding album.

7. Planning Staff

Brides spend countless hours planning the big day. It can all be overwhelming. A golf course that regularly hosts weddings knows what they're doing and comes with a staff prepared to help guide you through all of your wedding planning.

8. Spacious Location

If you've been to many weddings, you know sometimes they can feel, well, crowded. A golf course wedding allows you to move from outside to inside. It gives your guests room to move around. You can host an outdoor cocktail hour and move inside for dinner and dancing. 

9. Ample Parking

Your guests go out of their way to be a part of your special day. It can be frustrating for them if it's challenging. One little perk, that really is a big deal, is ample parking. There won't be any struggling for a parking place or having to walk forever to get into the wedding. 

Plan Your Golf Course Wedding Today

Many brides spend countless hours working on wedding planning. You don't have to be that bride. In fact, planning a golf course wedding can make your wedding planning go so easily. 

If you're looking for the perfect wedding venue, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding planning services.