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5 Reasons You Should Have a Golf Course Wedding

These days, choosing a wedding venue isn't as simple as it used to be.

Sure, you could still go for a classic church wedding. That said, the outdoorsy options, such as parks and barns, are only getting more popular. You could also go with a lovely mansion, hotel, estate—your options are endless!

If none of the above venues are jumping out at you, why not go for something unique? We are, of course, talking about a golf course. Here are five good reasons why a golf course wedding is worth your consideration.

1. Elegant Setting

When you think of a golf club, what's the word that immediately comes to mind? Chances are, it's one of "classy," "upscale," or "elegant." This is no coincidence, as golf clubs do their best to make their users feel exclusive.

For this reason, golf clubs are also a great place to host weddings. The atmosphere is similar to that of a luxury hotel, though golf clubs tend to be smaller. This gives them that intimate feel that's perfect for a wedding.

2. Delicious Food

To accommodate its members, a golf club serves as a one-stop shop for anything they need. This includes food, so many clubs hire chefs. And since most clubs take pride in their work, you can expect the food to be delicious.

How does having a highly-trained chef on-site benefit you? Simple: you won't have to go out of your way to hire a catering service. Instead of having to track down and sample catering, you can focus on more important tasks.

3. Convenient Parking

Parking can often seem like a small detail when you're planning a wedding. That said, it's also more important than you may think. If your guests can't find a place to park, they'll get irritated before the event even begins.

With golf courses, finding a parking spot is rarely a problem. These places already need to hold many people, so they'll be ready for your wedding as well. Some golf clubs even offer valet parking!

4. Spacious Location

Golf clubs that can hold events and tournaments are spacious by design. Between the sprawling grounds and roomy ballrooms, there should be plenty of room for all the guests you want to invite.

This also gives you more options than some other popular venue locations. You can hold the main party inside while allowing guests to catch some air. You can even use the outdoor space to have a small dance floor or a cocktail party.

5. Value for Money

When you book a traditional wedding venue, you're only getting the venue itself. For services like food, flowers, photography, you'll have to hire your workers. If you're not careful, these costs can add up quickly.

With golf course weddings, these services often come with the venue. Even if they don't, many clubs have partnerships with services in their community. This means you can often get most of the stuff you need at a discount.

Have the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

When it comes to wedding venues, there's something for everyone. A golf course wedding may not be an obvious choice, but it can be the right one. If you take wedding planning seriously, you'll come to the same conclusion.

Looking to host your wedding at a golf course? If so, our combination of indoor and outdoor space is perfect for both small events and huge parties. Contact us here to learn more about our offer!