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Golf Course Tournament Planning Guide

Are you interested in hosting a golf tournament in Jacksonville? If so, before anyone can hit the course you've got to take time to plan the event. 

In this guide, we will cover different planning tips you need to know to pull off the ultimate Florida golf tournament. Par is the course when you're playing golf. 

Read on now and get ready to grab your golf clubs and start conquering the golf course.  

Outline Your Plan 

The first step when planning a Florida golf tournament is to create a plan. Creating a plan will make it easier for you to check things off your list as you complete them. 

It also serves as a representation of things you've yet to accomplish and will need to be done ahead of the tournament. Your plan should also feature a timeline in which everything on the list needs to be completed. 

Gather Your Team 

Everyone on your team will have a responsibility that ensures the golf tournament comes together promptly. For example, you'll need a sponsor chairperson. 

The sponsor chairperson is responsible for contacting tournament sponsors and working on contracts ahead of the tournament. Their goal is to improve the overall revenue acquired by the event.  

Ensure you motivate your team to work hard from the pre-planning to the post breakdown of the event. As you create your team don't forget to settle on a budget.  

Choose the Course 

Before you can decide the format of your tournament you need to select the golf course where the tournament will be held. The golf course is important because it will determine how large an event you can have. 

Other factors the size of the course affects include: 

  • Number of golfers to compete in the tournament 
  • Number of people attending the tournament 
  • Hotel accommodation for the guests 

Also, you'll want to choose a course that is clean and provides a quality course for golfers to play. 

Promote the Tournament 

How are you going to get people to the tournament if you don't advertise it? We recommend campaigning in your community by purchasing television and ad spots. 

Don't forget as you promote the tournament to provide information about where people can purchase tickets to attend. 

Purchase of the Awards 

Are there awards or medals that will be given to participants? You need to decide what type of thank you bags, or medals will be handed out after the tournament has concluded 

This can be a part of the sponsor chairman's job if you intend to partner with a sponsor that specializes in making personalized awards. 

Planning a Golf Tournament in Jacksonville 

When you're planning a golf tournament in Jacksonville there are several things to consider. Don't forget to select your committee to help plan the tournament and ensure you take the time to market the event.  

If you're still searching for a course to host your tournament look no further and contact Blue Sky Golf Club for your tournament needs.