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Golf Improvement Guide

Golf in the United States is booming with an overall reach of 106 million people in 2021. This includes people who either played golf or interacted with the sport in some way, including following tournaments and consuming golf-related news content. On the golf course, 37.5 million Americans played golf last year, including 3.2 million people who played for the very first time.

The beauty of golf is that, whether you are a beginner or a professional, improvement is always possible. Even the very best players in the world are constantly looking for ways to lower their scores. For people at every level, our golf lessons in Jacksonville are the absolute best way to improve your ability and derive more enjoyment from the sport.

In this golf improvement guide, the experts at Blue Sky Golf Club share invaluable tips on how you can get better at golf. Let's get started!

Take Golf Lessons in Jacksonville

As noted above, golf lessons are the foundation for every good golf player. Golf is a very technical sport, particularly when it comes to the swing. Many players who take up golf develop bad habits, which have a direct impact on their ability to hit the ball straight, far, and with the correct trajectory.

New players can benefit greatly from taking golf lessons and learning the ropes with the help of an experienced teacher. Even something as basic-sounding as gripping the club can affect performance. Start your golfing career on the right foot with lessons.

Golf lessons are also highly recommended for players whose game has plateued. Small corrections here and there can help you to realize meaningful improvements when you are out on the course.

Get Fitted for Your Clubs

Playing with stock golf clubs just isn't going to help you maximize your game. When you get fitted for your clubs, you will have clubs that are tailor-made for your unique swing and which will make a huge difference in your performance.

You don't necessarily have to have your entire set of clubs fitted, either. Many people choose to have a specific club custom fit. This makes sense if a certain aspect of your game is weak, such as driving or putting.

Don't forget about the ball, either. A professional fitter will be able to recommend the most suitable type of golf ball to pair with your clubs and specific strengths to help you get the most out of them.

Have a Plan at the Range

There is a tendency for many people to turn up to the driving range, pick out their driver from their golf bag, and hit the entire bucket of balls with just that one club. Sure, it's going to be a lot of fun, but it isn't going to help you develop a well-rounded game.

There isn't one set rule for practicing at the driving range, but you should always spend time working with each of your clubs. Working up from your wedges through to your driver, followed by chipping and putting, will help to make your time at the range more effective.

Set Reachable Goals

It's difficult to improve your game when you don't have any set goals or targets on what improvement actually signifies. When you are starting out, set small, reachable goals and focus on your weaknesses.

The next time you play a round, keep track of how many fairways and greens you hit in regulation, as well as the number of times you find the rough and the sand bunkers. Also, take note of your putting and how many one-, two- or three-putts you make.

From there, you can focus on facets of your game that need improvement. For example, if you are averaging a high number of three-putts, pay extra attention to your putting in practice and set a goal of gradually reducing this number.

Tailor Your Fitness Work

When Tiger Woods was at his peak, his daily training routine looked like this:

  • Run four miles in the morning
  • Lift weights in the gym
  • Hit balls for two to three hours
  • Play a round of golf
  • Focus on improving short game
  • Run four miles
  • Play another sport (tennis or basketball)

No one is suggesting that you follow this, but it shows that there is a link between athleticism and golfing performance. Certain exercises in the gym can specifically help to improve your golf game. These include side step-ups, lunges with a rotation, hip crossovers, medicine ball core rotations, shoulder external rotations, glute bridges, and inverted hamstring stretches.

Before you hit the driving range or start a round, always spend some time warming up your body with stretches. Not only will you be performing full-body movements, but you will also be walking several miles and stiffness can impact your performance.

Practical Advice On How to Improve at Golf

The above advice is designed for everyone from beginners to pros. Perfection in golf may be elusive, but there is always room for improvement.  

Here at Blue Sky Golf Club, we offer the very best golf lessons in Jacksonville. Our mission is to help ensure that everyone gets the most enjoyment out of playing the sport we love. We have lessons available for both adults and children and you will learn from professionals who love the game just as much as you do.

Contact us today to schedule your next golf lesson and see how your game improves. We look forward to seeing you out on the range!