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Trendy Wedding Themes for 2024

Trendy Wedding Themes for 2024

It's estimated that each year there are nearly 2,065,905 marriages. While any type of marriage should be a cause for celebration, the logistics of planning the wedding event can quickly make things stressful.

The key to getting started is to first select a wedding location and theme. Unfortunately, choosing a trendy theme can be easier said than done. Should you go with an eco-friendly green wedding theme? Or should you do a throwback to some vintage glamor theme?

If you're having trouble narrowing down the right theme for your wedding, you're in the right place. This guide will go over some of the top 2024 wedding trends to consider for your theme.

Sustainable Green Wedding Theme

With the world in the state that it is, it seems that sustainability is on everyone's mind. Indeed, studies seem to support this. One found that as many as 64% of people reported high levels of concern around sustainability.

This concern for eco-friendly practices doesn't just affect the goods we buy, but also the events we plan, like weddings. With a sustainable green wedding theme, you're showing your commitment not only to each other but also to the planet.

There are plenty of sustainable wedding ideas you can bring to this theme. You might use paperless invitations. There are plenty of recycled or reused dresses and decor you can invest in.

Best of all, green wedding decor tends to be minimalist. Often you'll want to highlight the natural beauty of the wedding location.

Boho Theme

Are you a free spirit? In that case, consider the trendy Bohemian theme. Think of things like dream catchers and wildflowers. Colorful rugs match natural earthy tones.

The main draw of this type of wedding theme is that it allows you to break all the rules that wedding planners hold dearly. You can inject artistic flair and personality into the decor, food, and music.

Rustic Meets Elegance Theme

Rustic themes have been popular in trendy weddings for the past decade or two. They feature humble but trendy decor like wooden signs, burlap sacks, fairy lights, and mason jars.

Instead of a huge sound system, acoustic music might play in the background. However, lately, we've been seeing the trend of merging this rustic theme with elegance.

Often this is reflected in the venue and decor. For example, you might get married in an elegant setting, like a golf course. You might also have an elegant dress or elaborate flower set up.

What's cool about this type of theme is that it contrasts together beautifully. It creates a relaxed environment without sacrificing any of the elegance that people expect from a wedding.

Minimalist Theme

Some people might not have very strong opinions about their wedding decor and set-up. Or, they might be intimidated by the expensive cost of most weddings. After all, the average cost of a wedding is around $30,000.

And depending on your theme, that can get a whole lot more expensive. These types of themes use simple and clean arrangements that feature lots of clean lines and gray/white/black color schemes.

Since the setup isn't elaborate, it will likely save you some money. Best of all, minimalist wedding themes have a timeless element that you won't find elsewhere.

Vintage Glamor Theme

A vintage glamor theme injects the spirit of the golden age of Hollywood into your wedding theme. Chandeliers, heirloom jewelry, lace gowns, jazz music, classic cars - nothing is too opulent for this theme.

Consider dressing your wedding party in gowns and suits from the roaring 20s to set the feel.

Wedding Planning Tips

Remember that choosing a theme is only the first step in planning a wedding. In the coming months, you'll likely receive hundreds of wedding planning tips from people (whether you ask for them or not).

However, we encourage you to consider these three pieces of advice early on in the planning process to set yourself up for success.

Decide On a Location First

It can be tempting to pick a theme before a location. Sometimes this can be a good thing. For example, if you have a clear idea of what theme you want, it can narrow down your list of locations.

The flip side is that you might find a perfect wedding venue, say a beachside cottage that might clash with your modern minimalist theme. Then you'll need to replan everything to fit it.

Instead, pick the wedding location first before working your theme into it. And if you're worried that yours won't fit, consider going with a versatile one like a golf club.

Blend Outfits With Decor

You don't want your outfits to clash with the decor. So consider working them into the same color scheme and design. For example, if you're having a rustic wedding, you might want to use an old wedding dress that's been passed down in your family.

Or if you're doing a sustainable wedding, wear recycled or eco-friendly wedding dresses.

Plan for All Types of Weather

It's every engaged couple's nightmare: you've spent months planning the perfect wedding only to wake up to rain clouds on the big day. No one likes the idea of having bad weather at their wedding.

Sadly, it's a contingency you do need to plan for if you're having outdoor weddings. The last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket by betting on good weather.

Instead, have backup plans so that your wedding can endure all types of weather. If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure you invest in a tent.

Invest in umbrellas or ponchos for the guests to keep them dry. Or if the weather is making you nervous, consider going with an indoor wedding venue.

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What's more, we have experience with hosting a wide range of events, from weddings to bar mitzvahs. So if you think our club might be worth considering, get in touch with us today to schedule a tour.