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Think golf is a game for seniors in their retirement years?

Hand your child a golf club, and you might be surprised at what happens.

Your child might not be the next Arnold Palmer or Annika Sorenstam. But golf can make a big impact in a young life.

Kids can benefit from the sport mentally, physically, and emotionally. The sport can set them up for success as they get older. Many of the skills learned on the course translate to real life.

Keep reading to learn the top reasons to get your kids playing golf.

1. Physical Activity

Is your child hitting the recommended one hour of physical activity every day? Golf is the perfect way to get your child active.

Walking from hole to hole gives your child aerobic activity. Carrying the golf bag helps build strength and endurance. They also build muscle as they play.

Swinging the golf club and hitting the ball take coordination. Young kids may struggle with that coordination at first. Practicing golf helps improve hand-eye coordination, which can benefit them in other physical activities.

As kids get older, they may add in other physical activity to improve their golf game. Your child might start strength training to help with the golf swing. They might do core muscle work for better stability.

Starting with just one physical activity like golf at an early age creates a lifestyle of activity. Golf is something kids can do for the rest of their lives. It’s a simple habit to start now to encourage that healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

2. Low Risks

Over 2.6 million kids 19 and under visit the ER annually because of sports and recreation injuries. Compared to contact sports like football and hockey, golf is a much safer option for your kids.

Golf is a low-impact, non-contact sport. That means the likelihood of a broken bone or head injury is much lower.

Injuries that do happen in golf are generally minor. Most golf injuries happen because of an improper swing or overuse issues.

Getting your child golf lessons to learn the proper mechanics can help decrease the chances of those types of injuries. A golf pro can teach your child everything from the proper golf grip to the correct posture.

3. Suitable for Anyone

Look across any golf course, and you’ll see people of all sizes, shapes, and ages enjoying the sport.

Some sports are easier to play if you fit a certain mold. Tall basketball players find the most success. Speed is important for runners and football players.

Golf is something that any child can play, regardless of strength, speed, or physical stature. It’s a sport that lets all types of kids find success if they stick with it.

Kids who feel like they don’t stack up in other physically demanding sports may feel more comfortable on the golf course. They quickly realize that they’re not at a disadvantage just because they’re shorter or slower than other kids.

Playing golf can be better suited for kids who don’t like large groups. Team sports come with a lot of pressure to perform. Since golf is individual, kids can challenge themselves and grow as an individual player.

4. Time Spent Outdoors

Does your child prefer video games and screen time over playing outdoors? Maybe your kids just haven’t found the right activity to get them excited about heading outside.

Golf gets your kids excited about being outdoors. They get fresh air and sunshine in addition to physical activity.

Benefits of playing outside may include cognitive development, socialization, improved vision, and increased attention span.

5. Friendships and Bonding

Playing golf gives you a chance to bond and grow friendships. When you golf with kids, you spend quality family time together. You create memories you can relive throughout your life.

Getting kids involved in youth golf also helps them meet friends. They have golf as a shared interest, which can make it easier to grow friendships. If they do tournaments, they’ll see the same kids at many of those events.

Kids can also get involved in partner or group play. This helps with socialization and learning to deal with those relationships.

6. Future Opportunities

Starting your kids playing golf at a young age may set them up for later success. They learn the basics of the sport early. That gives them a head start if they play for a high school sports team or in junior competitions.

If your child shows promise in the sport, it could even lead to scholarships.

7. Life Skills

Golf is a game of rules and etiquette. Sure, lots of sports have rules. But golf has lots of unspoken rules and points of etiquette kids need to learn.

It’s a good way to teach your child discipline. They have to not only learn but also follow the many rules. Every situation in life has rules, so this is a good skill for kids to learn.

Playing golf teaches kids to be polite and calm. They can’t throw a temper tantrum when the game doesn’t go their way. They can’t taunt the other players or trash talk on the course.

This can help kids understand that it’s important to stay calm and keep emotions under control in other areas of life. It’s good practice for frustrating interactions they’ll have in the real world.

Learning golf etiquette is a bit like learning how to interact in society. You need to read the room and understand the situation to figure out how to behave.

8. Confidence and Persistence

The idea of golf is simple. But gaining the skills to be a good golfer takes time and practice.

Golf teaches kids persistence. They learn how to overcome frustration and continue working to improve. They’ll see gradual improvement the more they practice, which motivates them to continue.

As they improve at golf, they gain confidence. That confidence follows them to other areas of life.

Embrace the Benefits of Kids Playing Golf

Kids playing golf may not be as popular as basketball, football, softball, or soccer, but the sport has many advantages. Starting your child at a young age helps develop the game skills and mental, emotional, and physical skills that come with it. Visit Blue Sky Golf Club to find out about our Junior Golf Lessons or learn more about the Golf Academy of North Florida

schedule a golf round with coworkers in jacksonville

Getting ready to play a game of golf with your coworkers?

Wondering how you can make the most of it?

Preparing to play a game of golf with your coworkers or your boss can be very stressful. While you may feel comfortable being around your coworkers at the office, the dynamics of your relationships can be different when you’re out on the golf course. It can be hard knowing how you should behave.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you a few of the top tips for making the most of playing golf with your coworkers or boss.

1. Make Sure You Look Good

Even if you’ve never played a game of golf in your life, the truth is that you can still look great out on the course if you know how to dress the part. Playing golf is about the whole experience and not just about winning and losing.

When at the golf course, you’ll want to wear a golfing outfit that will make you look good and will also help you feel more comfortable. Golf clothes with sweat-wicking fabric are ideal for keeping you feeling comfortable and cool. You’ll also want to get a hold on some golf shoes as well.

Remember that if you project a look of comfort when you’re playing golf your coworkers or your boss will probably take notice.

2. Demonstrate Your Confidence

Playing golf with your coworkers or your boss is a great opportunity to show them how confident you are. The way a person plays golf can be indicative of how they overcome challenges in the professional world as well.

If you get frustrated easily over poor swings or missed putts and you show that to your coworkers or boss it may not look so good. Having a calm and controlled demeanor that projects confidence is essential when out on the golf course.

Don’t let yourself get too worked up over small things. Look at the game as a challenge to overcome and give it your best with the same type of finesse, confidence, and ability that you would with your job.

You don’t have to be overly serious and you don’t even have to win, but keeping a cool demeanor during the game can say a lot about you to those you’re playing with.

3. Know the Game

If you’ve never played golf before your outing with your co-workers, you’ll want to learn everything you can about it before you start playing.

Taking some golf lessons before playing with your coworkers can be a great idea. However, at the very least make sure you know everything you can about the rules and playing tactics. Learn what you can about golf tricks and make sure that you find out how to focus on your grip.

Knowing the basic rules of the game is essential but if you do a little bit of research beforehand you’ll probably look much better when you’re out on the course. You’ll avoid slowing everyone down or needing to get things explained to you throughout the day.

4. Learn the Language

As part of learning as much as you can about the game of golf, it’s also a great idea to study up on common golf lingo and etiquette as well. There’s plenty of golf jargon that players use while on the course and if you understand some of it you’ll have a much easier time interacting with co-workers and bosses who are more experienced than you.

Learn the basic terms such as par, birdies, drives, putts, as well as other expressions that are used to express what is happening in the game. “Hitting it fat” for example means that you’re accidentally hitting the ground before you’re hitting the ball.

Knowing these types of expressions can be a big help when you’re playing and using them correctly can make you look good when playing.

5. Find Out About the Course

In addition to finding out about the game of golf itself, it’s also a great idea to find out about the specifics of the game of golf you’ll be playing with your coworkers. If you can find out what course you’ll be playing beforehand, it can be a big help in allowing you to be more ready for the big day.

Find out about the course itself and do some research online about what you can expect from it. If there are any particularly tricky spots or special tips you’ll probably be able to read about it online.

With this extra knowledge behind you, you’ll be more prepared for the game and will feel more comfortable when playing.

6. Have Fun

Staying relaxed is essential when you’re playing with your coworkers. You’re getting a chance to be away from the office when playing, so you should enjoy your time the best that you and use it to get to know your coworkers a little bit better.

Don’t take the game too seriously and worry about every little thing you do. While you will want to behave in a professional demeanor with your boss it’s okay to be a bit more relaxed with your coworkers when out on the course.

Even if you’re not a great player, bring whatever positivity that you can to the game. If you do, you’ll ensure that your coworkers have enjoyed spending time with you during the game even if you’re not the best golfer around.

7. Try to Win

While you should be trying to have fun when golfing with your coworkers, don’t forget to actually do your best either.

Many people mistakenly believe that they should let their boss win or are worried that beating their co-workers too badly will make them mad. However, the truth is that golf is a game of skill and many players who take the game seriously will simply be impressed if you do a great job.

While you shouldn’t gloat about winning, actually trying and doing your best is almost always a good thing.

Getting Ready For Playing Golf With Your Coworkers

Playing golf with coworkers or with a boss can be a stressful experience if you’re not prepared for it. Luckily, by using the above tips you’ll have the best time when out on the golf course. You’ll ensure that you and your coworkers have a positive experience while being out of the office for a change.

Need a bit of extra practice before playing golf with your coworkers? Click here to check out our golf club and to find a tee time now.

proper golf attire on the golf course

Everyone knows appropriate etiquette is a huge part of golf.

And a huge part of having appropriate etiquette on a golf course is dressing correctly.

But, how do you know if you’re underdressed or overdressed on a golf course?

The last thing you want is to look like foolish on the golf course because of your attire, or, even worse, not be allowed in.

If you’re gearing up for your first time on the golf course, or you just need a refresher, check out this guide. Here you’ll learn exactly what to wear golfing.

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best golf course games to play in jacksonville

Golf isn’t going anywhere. Let the 25.95 million people who played last year tell you.

Golf stands the test of time. We’ve come a long way since 100 BC when we used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. During the 15th century, Scotland modernized golf to be more like the game it is today.

And the rest is history.

Whether you’re a golfing novice or a regular club member, you can have fun on the green. Especially if you play some of the best golf games that have been established over time.

Make sure to have an Arnold Palmer while you’re out there!

Let’s tee off.

The 5 Best Golf Games Out There

Here’s a tip for beginners: set an early tee time. Research shows you play better in the mornings.

And if you’re an expert? Well, take it easy on ’em!

1. Bingo Bango Bongo

This game consists of three different points:

  • Bingo – The first player to get the ball on the green
  • Bango – Once all balls are on the green, the closest to the pin wins this round
  • Bongo – The first person to get the ball in the hole

Make it more interesting by upping the ante for anyone who gets all three!

2. Sixes

Start with four players. Divide the 18 holes into three rounds of six. Rotate partners every six holes, so that you will be a partner with everyone once. Whoever does the best in 2 out of 3 rounds is your winner!

3. Rabbit

This game is played with any number of players.

The lowest par on a hole wins the Rabbit.

If somebody else gets the lowest par on the next hole, the Rabbit is set free. If the same person gets the lowest par, they keep the rabbit.

If the Rabbit is free, anyone can win him in the next round.

Whoever ends up with the Rabbit at the end is the winner!

4. Best Ball

Best Ball is best played in two-person teams.

Each person plays out their own ball. Within your two-person team, keep the lowest score for each hole and drop the highest.

In the end, whoever has maintained the lowest scores wins. This means that even if you did poorly during one round, your teammate can redeem your victory.

5. Nassau

Last but not least: one of the most timeless golfing games out there.

Nassau occurs in three stages: the first nine holes; the last nine holes; and all eighteen holes combined.

Whoever has the lowest score for all three rounds is your winner.

Go Play!

Feeling excited yet?

The greatest part about this list is that it’s not all-inclusive. And each game has modifications that can be made to suit the players’ interests and skill levels.

Wanna play for money? Go for it. Wanna make it a little harder? There are options.

Contact Blue Sky to play one of the best golf course in Jacksonville. Then go play some of the best golf games out there. Next, pretend you’re Tiger Woods.

Kidding about that last part.

You’ve picked a great time to love golf. Keep your eyes peeled this June for the US Open!

Need to practice? Let us know if we can help take a few strokes off your swing.

understand your golf handicap

If you’re a golfer, you probably know about handicaps. You might even have a guess about your own handicap. But, if you’re like most golfers, you have no idea how a handicap is actually calculated.

Knowing how to calculate a golf handicap is an important skill for any serious golfer. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the golf handicap system.

What is a Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap is a number which represents a golfer’s ability based on their previous golf scores. It’s a way to compare yourself to other golfers and track your progress.

Specifically, your handicap is a number between zero and 28 if you’re a man and between zero and 36 if you’re a woman. The number represents how many strokes over par you should score on a neutral course.

How Does the Golf Handicap System Work?

The golf handicap system is somewhat complicated and strange, but it’s easy to understand with a little patience.

Because you can’t have more than one handicap, the number doesn’t depend on the individual golf course. Whether you normally play easy courses or difficult courses, you only have one handicap.

So how is your handicap calculated?

First, there are a few important numbers to remember: Course rating, slope rating, and equitable stroke control.

The course rating is dependent on the golf course you’re playing on. It’s what a hypothetical zero handicap player (a scratch player) should score on the course in 18 holes.

The slope rating is a measure of the difference in expected score between a bogey player and a scratch player.

And the equitable stroke control is your score; however, slight modifications are made so that a single bad hole doesn’t ruin it.

For a single round of golf, you calculate your “handicap differential” by taking your equitable stroke control, subtracting the course rating, then multiplying that result by 113, and finally, dividing it all by the course’s slope rating.

But that’s your handicap differential, not your handicap. Bare with me; we’re almost there.

Once you’ve calculated your handicap differential for five different rounds, your official handicap is your lowest single handicap differential. If you have more than twenty official rounds under your belt, then your handicap is the average of your lowest 10 handicap differentials.

But you don’t need to worry about all the details.

If you’re a member of a golf club, they probably offer a handicap calculation service. Or, if you’re just curious, you can use an online handicap calculator.

How Do You Use Your Handicap?

Now that you have your handicap, you can use it to calculate your net score next time you go golfing.

To do this, you need to find your course handicap, which is your handicap multiplied by the course’s slope rating then divided by 113. Then, your net score is simply your score minus your course handicap.

You can compare this net score to the course rating to get an idea of how well you played.

Lower Your Golf Handicap

Now that you understand what your golf handicap is, it’s time to get out there and lower it.

There’s no better way to improve your game than by playing. Visit Blue Sky Golf Club in Jacksonville and get out there today!

Golf in Jacksonville, FL is a fun game to play. It is a three season game that can be played in the spring, summer, and fall. Most individuals go golfing in the summer on a hot day. Golfing in the heat can be dangerous as you can get sunburned as well as have heat exhaustion. This short article will inform you of the top seven ways to stay cool on a hot golf course.

1. Carry an ice water bottle and drink it often

When you are out in the hot sun, you are constantly sweating, and your body’s fluid needs to be replaced. On sweltering days, make sure to drink ice water as it will keep your body cool. More importantly, make sure you are drinking the water often. Do not wait until you are thirsty as that is a sign of dehydration. Make sure you drink after every time you swing your club when you golf in Jacksonville, FL.

2. Bring a personal body fan

On a hot summer day, it is imperative you stay cool. Make sure to bring a personal body fan that will fan you with cool air. Some models even have built-in misters to keep you cool. They are small and practical and would be a great addition to your day.

3. Dress appropriately

What you wear can make all the difference if you end up suffering from heat exhaustion. It is of the utmost importance to wear light colored clothes as they are more likely to reflect sunlight from you. Dark clothes, on the other hand, are notorious for soaking up all the heat and increasing your body temperature. Wear active wear clothing which breathes and wicks away sweat from your body keeping you cool. Also, make sure to wear a hat to keep the sun off your face while you golf in Jacksonville, FL.

4. Use sunscreen

It is critical you use sunscreen when out on the course when you golf in Jacksonville, FL. The sunscreen will not keep you cool on the course, but it will keep you from having a raging sunburn when you get home. Sunburns retain and radiate heat so protect yourself from the sun by using a sports sunscreen.

5. Play an early tee time

A simple way to avoid the heat from the sun is to get out early and golf before the sun is high in the sky. If you can play in the morning, you will enjoy the morning temperatures and be much more comfortable than in the afternoon with the scorching temperatures.

6. Re Energize with electrolytes

An easy way to keep cool and avoid heat exhaustion while playing golf in Jacksonville, FL, is to rehydrate with electrolytes that are found in sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade. When you are active in the hot sun, you tend to sweat, a lot. It is vital to keep yourself replenished with the salts, sugars, potassium, and other electrolytes your body needs. Make sure to bring an electrolyte sports drink with you when golfing on a hot day. You can also bring electrolyte gel packs that will do the same thing as the liquid but are much easier and lighter to carry, especially if you are walking the course. You can find these gel packs in any outdoor type store.

As you can see, golfing is a fun and relaxing sport, but you need to stay cool on a hot day. By following our advice on the top seven ways to stay cool on the hot course, while playing golf in Jacksonville, FL, you will be a pro because you will have taken all the necessary precautions to stay cool in the hot summer sun!

Do you struggle with hitting the long ball? One of the hardest parts of good golf in Jacksonville FL is the ability to strike the ball off the tee and down the fairway to the green. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five ways to hit a long fairway drive.

1. Be Confident

An unknown approach to hitting a good drive down the fairway is confidence. You need to be confident in your stance, confident in your swing, and confident in your follow through. You need to repeat to yourself that you “can do this.” Half of the battle with good golf in Jacksonville FL is in the inner and mental game you play as well as the physical game. You need to be prepared and confident in your delivery.

2. Take a Stance

An excellent position makes all the difference in driving your ball down the fairway. Golf in Jacksonville FL is a tough game to learn the ins-and-outs of. Just when you think you have one factor corrected another one pops up. This applies to your stance when you go to take a swing at the ball in the tee box. When you are first learning to play golf in Jacksonville FL, you focus on your stance. The more and more you play, you tend to concentrate on your swing and follow through. It is important to take a high stand and ready yourself for the swing you are about to take.

3. Square your Shoulders

Squaring your shoulders is a must to guarantee your golf ball will go flying through the air and land in the middle of a long par five. If you are hitting a fairway wood, it is vital that you square your shoulders to maximize the strike on your ball. If you do not square the upper body, your alignment is off, and your shoulders tend to be open causing a steep downswing on the ball. This causes a lack of solid contact with the golf ball when you golf in Jacksonville FL. When you square your shoulders, you are actually striking the ball a little flatter which ironically tends to be a very well hit shot.

4. Swing with Grace

Anyone who has ever been good at the game of golf says to practice and perfect your golf swing. This is a real statement and will help you with your fairway drives. The one mistake golfers make is in speed. They think they have to swing hard and fast to get the ball up in the air when hitting a fairway wood. This is correct but added power will do nothing for your shot and actually cause you to experience a mis-hit. The best advice is to swing smoothly and with grace to control the golf club.

5. Always Follow Through

When you are playing golf in Jacksonville FL or any other golf course, you need to be aware of your follow through. It is crucial to have a good swing, but your follow through is what will drive your ball down the fairway. It is how you will end up with a straight and long shot.

As you can see, struggling to hit the long ball can be frustrating and is one of the hardest parts of a good golf game. If you follow our advice on the top five ways to hit a long fairway drive, you will be well on your way to improving your long game and reaping the benefits of a great fairway drive!

While there are a lot of contenders aiming for the title of being the golf capital of Florida, Jacksonville has unquestionably attracted the attention of many serious golf lovers. After all, it boasts several of America’s amazing and undiscovered golf courses.

Amazing Options

There are several amazing options in Jacksonville. For instance, if you go to the northern coast, you can discover the Amelia Island Plantation, featuring different courses available. It is popular for its salt marsh creeks, as well as the short play of around 6580 yards.

Other popular options include the northern beaches in Destin. There you can find a public golf course at the Hilton Golf Resort. It serves as home to four golf courses, all offering special discounts, particularly to Amex cardholders. Majority of the courses available are available just near the Choctachatchee Bay.

Hampton golf Jacksonville FL is another interesting destination to go if you are looking to have a great time while golfing with family and friends. It serves as home to golf courses as well as other amenities that are known for being user-friendly. The golf courses are also designed to ensure fun and entertainment at the same time.

The Best Place to Be

One of the best spots for Golf in Jacksonville FL is the Blue Sky Golf Club. It is a short drive from the downtown, the beaches, as well as the Southside.

The golf course and the clubhouse were recently renovated, offering an updated driving range with facilities for day and night activities. On top of that, there are also other fun offerings available, including corn hole, billiards, and several others. There is also no dress code required, unlike others! As such, you can just drop by, come as you wish, and experience the fun with all of these highly entertaining recreational facilities.

Here at Blue Sky, you do not need to be worried about being judged based on your income, your background, and even the clubs you usually play with. You can have the convenience of being able to bring with you your family and friends and just have fun. A good combination of amazing customer service, relaxed atmosphere, and affordable rates will make the experience a memorable one for you.

Golf in Jacksonville FL

Indeed, when it comes to enjoying golf in Jacksonville FL, there are a lot of options that you can definitely take into consideration. Each option comes with its own set of features and amenities. Bring along your friends and family for a weekend full of surprises and a lot of golfing under the sun. Aside from golf, Jacksonville also comes with a lot of other features that you can enjoy during golf breaks.

There is a reason why golf has become associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, you only have to think about all of the high speed motorized karts and trolleys on offer to see it. These days, more and more golfers are choosing to forgo a stroll across the greens, in favor of a faster mode of transport. Yet, if you play golf in Jacksonville FL and you want to get healthy, the solution is a simple one.

For a start, you need to give up the kart and do things the old fashioned way. Yes, it can be a long walk between holes, but it will get your heart pumping fast and help you shed those stubborn pounds. If you want to get fit and create a healthier body, whilst playing golf in Jacksonville FL, you need to take a look at the following tips and tricks.

1. Let Your Feet Do the Talking

As already mentioned, if you want to burn off those calories, you need to say no to the golf karts. With a kart and a 3-4 hour round of golf, you might burn off around 700 calories. If you walk the same course, however, you are more likely to burn of closer to 1600 calories. This is the equivalent of a big strawberry milkshake and a double hamburger.

2. Play Regularly For a Longer Life

If you tend to play golf in Jacksonville FL on a regular basis, give yourself a pat on the back. According to scientists, regular golfing sessions can actively lower the risk of cancer, coronary disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. In other words, it could help you to live longer. Is there any better excuse to pick up your clubs and head out to the green?

3. Keep Stress Levels Low

The benefits do not stop there either, because it is also believed that golf alleviates stress and anxiety. This, in turn, lowers the risk of developing things like depression, anxiety based disorders, and premature aging. To keep stress at bay, make golf a part of your life.

4. Always Remember to Warm Up

If you are planning to golf in Jacksonville FL, you need to take the time to warm up properly first. This is very important and should be done before you head out onto the green. It can take the form of anything that you like really, as long as you feel comfortable with it – so, jumping jacks, lunges, stretches, etc. These warm ups will protect you from physical harm.

5. Carry Fresh Water with You

It is just as essential to keep and carry a supply of drinking water with you, whilst out on the course. There are times when games can last upwards of four or five hours, so you really do need to stay hydrated – after all, you are never going to beat your mates if you do not head out with a clear and refreshed mind. This is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy.

It is often said that 90% of golf is played in the mind. You can pump iron. You can do elaborate stretches. You can spend hours out on a Blue Sky golf course endlessly practicing your backswing. Yet, if you cannot tune out the distractions and get into the zone, as they say, when those tricky shots present themselves, you are never going to become a truly outstanding golfer.

You cannot jump on any Blue Sky golf course with the worries of the day still fresh in your mind and make a great game. So, to help you get to grips with your inner Zen golfer, here are a few of the best mental tips and tricks which are still used by the pros today to help you play better golf in Jacksonville, FL.

Take Your Time

The next time that you are out on the green for golf in Jacksonville, FL, stop thinking about how good your dinner is going to taste and how stressful your day at the office was. The trick to being able to make crucial shots is knowing how to respond to that mental pressure; if you give in to it, you will always fail. So, the next time that you are on a Blue Sky golf course and there is a group behind you waiting to use the hole, zone them out and take as much time as needed to make the perfect shot – whether it is crucial or not.

Rethink Your Clubs

The most skilled players in the world are great at adapting to anything and everything, because they practice and prepare for all eventualities. If you are out on the green and it starts raining, do not let it phase you – your fellow players are facing the exact same thing. To encourage flexible and creative play, take a single club and move around the practice green at (formerly known as Mill Cove Golf Club) Blue Sky golf course hitting all kinds of different shots – low, high, hard, soft.

Train Your Thinking

This is a really simple tip which you can use the next time that you head out for golf in Jacksonville, FL. Whilst playing, count the number of times that you catch yourself thinking about things that have already happened or things that are going to happen. So, for example, count the amount of times you find yourself dreading an upcoming shot or pondering what went wrong with a flunked backswing on the third hole. Your objective is to get this number right down to zero; you should only be focusing on the present.

Stay in the Game

There is a moment, usually around the halfway point of a game, when most players make a decision about how they are going to play the rest of the holes on a Blue Sky golf course. So, if they are doing badly, they instantly start trying to play catch up. If they are on top, they usually put themselves off their mental game by worrying about how they can manage to stay there. The trick to pushing through and upping your game – whether you are doing great or poorly – is to simply resist any temptation to mix things up. It will do more harm than good, so stick with your game plan.