Why take Golf lessons?

It’s the best way to improve your game and have more fun on the course. Yes, you may start seeing lower scores as a result. That’s our mission here at Blue Sky, to ensure that everyone has a good time!

Golf Lessons for Kids

Some of the most important lessons kids can learn are all wrapped up in the game of golf. Here at Blue Sky Golf Club, we instill not just great technique and form in our junior students, but also the life lessons that can be found out on the course. As Jack Nicklaus said, “Golf teaches you how to behave!”

Our professional golfing coaches teach kids and teens the basics of form and technique while providing a safe, supportive atmosphere for testing new skills. They also understand that golf isn’t just a test of skills but rather an all-encompassing sport that involves mind, body, and spirit.

To that end, junior golf lessons are about confidence. After all, everyone knows you play your best game when you’re calm and focused… that takes confidence, dedication, and a certain level of passion.

Learn from Real Pros

When you learn from a PGA Golf Teaching Professional, you’re getting the very best instruction from a certified expert.

We know you’re here to have fun with friends, family, and colleagues but we also know you probably want to play a good game, too. So why learn from videos, TV shows, or amateurs? PGA pros will assess your unique form and help you make those tiny adjustments necessary for improving all the different aspects of your entire game, not just your swing.

You get individualized instruction that’s tailored exactly to your needs on the golf course. Just one lesson can set you on your way to finally experiencing the pleasure of sending the ball farther and straighter. How about your proficiency on the greens – could that use some improvement, too? Just tell your instructor that’s what you’d like to focus on. It’s your lesson, and we can modify or customize it whatever way you need.

Our trainers have a passion for the game that shines through in everything they do. From employing state-of-the-art equipment to giving individualized attention to each student, you know they’re putting everything they have into their mission… teaching kids and teens to love the game of golf!

Range Balls
OPEN - 4PM $5.00 Per Hour
4PM - CLOSE $10.00 Per Hour

Rates are plus tax.

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