While there are a lot of contenders aiming for the title of being the golf capital of Florida, Jacksonville has unquestionably attracted the attention of many serious golf lovers. After all, it boasts several of America’s amazing and undiscovered golf courses.

Amazing Options

There are several amazing options in Jacksonville. For instance, if you go to the northern coast, you can discover the Amelia Island Plantation, featuring different courses available. It is popular for its salt marsh creeks, as well as the short play of around 6580 yards.

Other popular options include the northern beaches in Destin. There you can find a public golf course at the Hilton Golf Resort. It serves as home to four golf courses, all offering special discounts, particularly to Amex cardholders. Majority of the courses available are available just near the Choctachatchee Bay.

Hampton golf Jacksonville FL is another interesting destination to go if you are looking to have a great time while golfing with family and friends. It serves as home to golf courses as well as other amenities that are known for being user-friendly. The golf courses are also designed to ensure fun and entertainment at the same time.

The Best Place to Be

One of the best spots for Golf in Jacksonville FL is the Blue Sky Golf Club. It is a short drive from the downtown, the beaches, as well as the Southside.

The golf course and the clubhouse were recently renovated, offering an updated driving range with facilities for day and night activities. On top of that, there are also other fun offerings available, including corn hole, billiards, and several others. There is also no dress code required, unlike others! As such, you can just drop by, come as you wish, and experience the fun with all of these highly entertaining recreational facilities.

Here at Blue Sky, you do not need to be worried about being judged based on your income, your background, and even the clubs you usually play with. You can have the convenience of being able to bring with you your family and friends and just have fun. A good combination of amazing customer service, relaxed atmosphere, and affordable rates will make the experience a memorable one for you.

Golf in Jacksonville FL

Indeed, when it comes to enjoying golf in Jacksonville FL, there are a lot of options that you can definitely take into consideration. Each option comes with its own set of features and amenities. Bring along your friends and family for a weekend full of surprises and a lot of golfing under the sun. Aside from golf, Jacksonville also comes with a lot of other features that you can enjoy during golf breaks.