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How to Put Together the Best Budget Golf Gear Kit

Have you been wanting to take up golf but worry that it's too expensive for your lifestyle?

If so, you're not alone. After all, many people have the false impression that you have to be wealthy to enjoy the game of golf or to join a country club in your area. But the truth is that playing golf is more affordable than you might imagine. The key is learning where to save money on the golfing experience.

This article can help. Here we look at how to buy budget golf gear that will enable you to take your skills to the next level without breaking your bank account. Keep reading to learn more about finding golf clubs for beginners.

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What is the Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

What is the Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

Around 55 million people play golf in over 200 countries and enjoy the health benefits that come with it. Golf is a low-stress sport that's great for all ages.

While golf seems like a simple sport, it actually requires many hours of practice to become proficient. Those who are just learning to golf, at the very least, need to know the different golf moves and how to perform them.

Understanding these techniques greatly improves one's game. It also helps lower your stroke count!

Here, you'll learn the difference between a draw and a fade and some Jacksonville golf courses to practice on. Read along to find out!

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man putting golf ball at a Jacksonville golf course

The Complete Golf Putting Guide for New Players

Have you ever watched Happy Gilmore? The titular character in this Adam Sandler film has insane driving power in golf. However, he has no control over his swing, especially when he putts. 

Many golf beginners may think that putting is easier to do than driving. However, lining up the perfect putt is an art in itself. Several things go into making sure your putt goes where it needs to.

Fortunately, there are several ways to master this swing on Jacksonville golf courses! We'll discuss some ways to improve your putt in this guide. Soon, you'll look like a pro when golfing with friends!

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man swinging golf club

Understanding How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

The National Golf Foundation reports that over 25 million people played a golf course in the United States in 2020. With the sport of golf growing year after year, it is important to become knowledgeable about the game before you step foot on a course. 

For newcomers to the game of golf, handicaps are a great welcome. You may calculate what your Course Handicap should be for the specific golf course you're playing by using your Handicap Index.

Golf handicaps help to maintain a competitive game even amongst people of varying skill levels. Keep reading to learn more about a golf handicap and how to calculate yours! 

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