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Best Exercises for Golf Swing: 7 Tips You Can Do at Home to Improve Your Game

Get ready to improve your golf game! Just because it is difficult to get to the gold course right now doesn’t mean you have to let your gold game slide. 

Golf is a sport and just like any other sport a little exercise can go along way to improve how you play the game. Here are 7 best exercises for your golf swing that you can do at home to improve your game. 

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Divot Tools: A Course's "Best Friend"

The problem of divots and ball marks on golf courses is one that can have a major impact on the way the game is played by all players. Almost every player has a story of their perfect putt that was about to fall into the hole before diverting due to a mark on the green. Even playing on fairways can be tough when an individual hits a long tee shot, only to find their ball resting in the divot hole caused by a previous player failing to repair their damage to the course.

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How To Improve Your Chipping Game

For most people – both experts and novices alike – golf is defined by those long sweeping drives and wide armed majestic shots. If you picture Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy out on the green, you picture them sinking it in from a distance and sticking a short iron tight to the pin.

The slow paced stuff, like chipping, makes for wonderfully tense championship moments on the television, but it does not get the heart pumping like a long shot does. Yet, if you want to become a pro out on the course and show start winning more rounds of golf in Jacksonville FL, you need to improve your chipping game too.

These top tips will help you to practice your chipping and grab those low scoring rounds every time you head out onto the green – for the finest golf, Jacksonville FL is the place to be.

Stick with One Club

The next time you head out onto the green for golf in Jacksonville FL, save yourself some time and only practice chipping with one club. The bottom line is that chipping can take a while to master and, since it is not ordinarily a huge part of any game, you are only wasting your own time if you doggedly practice with a selection of clubs. You can, of course, master your chip shot with a number of sticks just for the love of golf, but if you do not get the chance to play all that often, you might want to spend your time playing golf in Jacksonville FL wisely.

Use Your Hands

Whilst traditional wisdom says that you should use a basic putting motion for successful chipping, this is not strictly true. For a stellar chipping game, you need to get your hands (particularly your wrists) involved in the game. So, if you are right handed (reverse the motion for left handed chipping), you should feel like you are using your wrist to hinge the club up on the backswing and then project it downwards into the ball. For technical shots and truly rewarding golf, Jacksonville FL is a top destination.

Make It to the Green

For great golf, Jacksonville FL is a promising destination. It offers courses of all shapes and sizes, which are perfect for mixing up your game and practicing those ‘heart in mouth’ shots. For example, if you are trying to improve your chipping game, you are going to have to get good at bringing the ball back to the green; from long grass, from short grass, from sand, and more. The trick to chipping off green is simply that you need to do everything possible to get back there – do all that you can to make your next move a putt, even if it is a longer one.

Choose Quality Courses

This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but you would be surprised at how many golfing enthusiasts restrict their play with below par greens. There are scores of great places to play golf in Jacksonville FL, so even if you have to travel a little further out than usual, do try to visit a really great green every couple of months. For top golf, Jacksonville FL has everything that you could ever need – beautiful greens, superb weather, and friendly locals.

On Your Search For “Golf In Jacksonville FL”

If you’re a huge fan of golf as a sport, it is important for you to pick the courses, which should help you improve your skills, equally unwind and speak with fellow passionate golfers. Here are some of the qualities you must look for upon typing in Golf in Jacksonville FL and considering your options:

Choices of Courses in Looking Up Golf in Jacksonville FL

Wide areas are highly important when it comes to choosing your long term golf club. Hence, your potential courses must, at least, have 3-, 6-, 9- and 18-hole options. These basic but solid practice options should further help you towards enhancing your golf playing skills. You must also check on the quality of their lawns and how frequently they are being maintained since they may also be contributing to your overall experience and performance as a golfing aficionado.

Availability of Lessons and Instructors

Upon typing in Golf in Jacksonville FL, one of the features you must look for from a course’s official site would be its options for lessons. You might also want to check the credentials of their instructors, along with the rates, number of hours and available days by which they would be around. This way, you may regularly have brush up sessions to work on your skills, upon request.

Check on Their Amenities and Relaxation Areas

After strenuous and even the most challenging golfing sessions, a golf club’s amenities and relaxation areas would be equally important as their golf courses. This is why on your Golf in Jacksonville FL search, you must also check whether your prospective club has a grill or a bar for instance.

It would not come as a surprise for you to work up an appetite after a game or perhaps you’ll certainly need to pack on some energy before going gung ho on a mini tour. Read through a club’s menu and see if their selections would be items, which you wouldn’t mind wolfing down. Food service is definitely an essential as you look up Golf in Jacksonville FL, so do not settle on your choice if you find a club does not have a grill nor a bar for unwinding.

A Challenging Atmosphere in Searching Up Golf in Jacksonville FL

Thankfully, there are clubs, which organize their own tournaments. These should further give you chances to share some techniques and learn from the sporting habits of your fellow golfers. It certainly would be fun to get challenged and improve on your techniques, knowing you’d aspire to win in the upcoming tournaments of a club.

These helpful tips should get you started as you look up Golf in Jacksonville FL. List a set of criteria with your additional preferences, and here’s to a fitter, tanner golfing you!